This course is for the energy healer and spiritual human who desires to activate their light language and take their healing abilities to the next level. It is perfect for those who have either never channeled before or have had some practice and desire more clarity and confidence around channeling light language.

You will learn how to properly and safely channel high level light codes to support and guide yourself and others.

Within this program you will find a hybrid of 1:1, self-paced, and live group mentoring.


1- Align Your Energetics & Light Codes 

2- Open Channel to connect to the highest energy to channel light language

3- Angelic Realm + Find your Light Language flow (written, spoken, movement, etc)

4- Arcturians + Pleiadians physical and emotional well being

5- Magical beings - Unicorns, Dragons, Fairies, and more! 

Learn how to incorporate light language as another healing modality in your tool box of well-being.


two 1:1 zoom calls - introduction call to open your channel and an additional call to use within 60 days of enrollment.

self-paced modules including teachings and channeling to activate you and introduce you to the cosmic beings that will be connected with in this course. These are designed to support you lifelong and are meant to be listened to as often as you feel called.

lifelong group sessions in the sacred group and continuous opportunity to join live group unity channeling calls each month to practice your light language quantum healing abilities.


During this course, you will ignite your soul gifts and align with your soul mission to channel and uplift the world with your light language. 


1. What's the course and experience like?

* Once enrolled in the course, you will be prompted to book your introductory call and access the coursework to begin practicing, attend the live group FB sessions when they are scheduled, and book your additional call within 60 days of enrollment to support your channeling journey. The idea behind this format is that once you join the course, your journey gets to start right away within your 1:1 call. Then you get to dive into coursework and practice while additionally coming to all of the group sessions. When you join, you are welcomed in for lifetime access, or however long you desire to stay, so you can access the coursework and past and current group calls to fully support you.

2. Do I need to be present for this course for it to work or for my light language to be activated? What if I live in a different time zone...

* We will be working in the quantum realm which surpasses time space realities so upon enrolling your soul is already beginning the activations to begin the process of opening up to your divine light language. You will receive great benefit throughout this course as you are guided and supported along your journey whether you are able to attend all, some, or none, of the fb group live sessions. You have access to two 1:1 calls which you can schedule at your convenience to fit your schedule needs. 

3. How long has Emily been channeling light language?

* Emily has been channeling light language for three years. She was re-introduced to her light language from an energy healer that she had worked with for a few years as she was eager to dive deeper into the spiritual journey. After a few sessions, she begin to remember how to channel light language. This is possible for you too. Once she awakened her light language, she practiced on myself, close friends and family for six months. Then, she felt confident and ready to bring it to her community and clients. It has been an amazing journey of holding space and guiding those who are ready to feel the benefits of light language and also those who are ready to turn on their light language channeling. In late 2021, she opened this divine light language program and welcomed in the first group of beautiful energy healers and light leaders who opened their channel and learned how to heal themselves and others around them. Now she runs this course multiple times a year to activate and illuminate other light language channels in claiming their power and stepping into their soul gifts.

4. Will I be able to use light language to heal myself and clients after going through this program?

* Yes. After completing this course, it is intended for you to use light language to heal yourself and others. You’ll find that by accessing these different cosmic energies throughout the course, you will attune to the healing and activating frequencies that can be used on your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional body. Once you learn to channel light language, you will practice on yourself and when you feel confident and comfortable, you can bring it to others in your community as a way of healing and expanding them too!

5. How is light language different than reiki?

* Light language differs from reiki as it requires you to learn and practice how to channel and access light language light codes from higher dimensions and frequencies. This means that you are working within your internal space and with your spirit guides and higher self to open your column of wisdom to connect with high level cosmic beings and guides. This allows you to access the light codes and bring forth the healing, wisdom, guidance, and information. Previous clients who have gone through this program who’ve been attuned to reiki say that this is the next level of energy healing that blends beautifully with their reiki training and knowledge and skills.

6. What can I expect if I’m unable to make a live group session?

* The group sessions are anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.  If you are unable to attend the live sessions, it will not matter as we are operating outside of the fourth dimension time space reality which means I am able to specifically tune in to your energy and guidance team to assist you for whenever you are tuning in and watching. 

7. Will I receive a certificate of completion? 

* Yes, after the live group sessions, you will receive a certificate of celebration that you have officially activated and awakened your light language. This course does not require you to take a test to show your knowledge or expertise. As you go through this course you are guided and supported in your exploration and implementation of channeling light language. If you desire to solely use this gift for yourself or you want to use it to help others, that is entirely up to you. Without a doubt, you’ll be ready and aligned with yourself and your light language to step out into the world confident and radiant.