I've always considered myself spiritual in the sense that I deeply felt connected to something greater and more expansive within this experience from the moment I landed here on Earth. I dimmed my light from a very young age due to fear of judgement and it wasn't until I was older that I realized my light is a special gift that gets to be shared with the world.

Early 2019, I felt called to launch my spiritually aligned business helping guide other light workers and star seeds in aligning their mind, energy, and frequency for greater impact on this planet. I deeply believe that each of us carry important soul missions and it is my goal to help you activate and expand within your specific and very special mission!

The last few years I’ve guided people around deep energetic work, inner child healing/ trauma release, spiritual soul alignment, activating soul gifts, and soulprenuer business alchemy.

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I wholeheartedly believe that life gets to be filled with magical moments and you can create your dream life and wealth by activating your unique gifts within. 

My mission is to empower and remind you that all of this is possible for you when you activate and illuminate your power within. I am putting the reins back in your hands and allowing you to access the deepest parts of you in order to fully align and thrive as your unique and amazing self in this beautiful world.  I am beyond thrilled to guide and support you along this beautiful mission you have come here to do.

I've never had a mentor in my life so working with Emily as a breath of fresh air for me. She was completely hands on and if I had any questions she would make me feel comfortable enough to open up and deal with the probleme without judgment.