The Energetic Society spiritual library is filled with light language channeled video and audio activations to best support your journey. It is designed to activate and awaken your soul expansion by providing activations, teachings, and meditations for you to access all year long. This self-paced offering is channeled by Emily to help you attune your energetic frequency to the highest capacity. Learn how to best support your energy as you navigate this beautiful life and journey that you're on!



This offer is for the spiritual human who desires to awaken and activate their light language channeling abilities. This experience is a hybrid of 1:1 mentoring and self-paced course content to fully support you along this journey. Light language allows you to tap into your soul gifts at an even higher capacity! If you feel called to awaken your unique light language channeling, then I invite you to tap below for more information on this divine life changing experience!!

Light language mentorship


This quantum healing session is especially helpful for the person who needs an intense clearing and healing in order to feel more light, energized, and activated throughout the day. Your energy will be remotely cleared of energy that is not yours including attachments, cords, or foreign energy. Once you are cleared, you will be filled up with healing energy and your life force energy will be reenergized. This is a fully remote session meaning you do not need to be in person or on phone/video to receive it. These are highly potent and activating sessions. They are meant to cleanse, heal, repair, and replenish your soul, your energy, and your physical vessel. Good for anyone, any age, and for animals too! Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. If you're having a medical emergency, please call 911 or contact a medical professional. Remote sessions are not to take place of qualified medical care. 

How this offer works:
- Once purchased, you will be added on to that week's list of clients to receive energy healing.
- Within a week (7 days) of purchase you will receive an email follow up of your remote energy healing session. Included in these emails is an in depth write up going through your chakras, any messages your guides/ higher self has, specific areas of focus to heal, and personalized audio/ video bonus recordings for you to listen to as often as needed to further your healing and expansion. Option for questions and follow up after session as always if needed (no extra charge)!

*any questions please email