Light language

by Emily Mearns


Light language is the language of the soul.

This custom 5x7 art includes symbols encoded with energetic frequencies intended to bring peace, harmony, uplift, and expansion to your physical environment as well as your spiritual self.

How the process works:

Upon purchasing, you will be contacted by me (Emily) to begin the process of channeling your light language coded artwork. First, we will tune in with your soul and spirit team to bring three codes to you. These will be channeled and drawn digitally. You then choose one of the codes to be hand drawn on activated light encoded paper which is your one-of-a-kind framed art piece. If you would like two or all three of the codes hand drawn and framed, you can choose that option for an additional $85 per art piece. Digital copies are not available for sale and are only used for the initial channeling/ brainstorm/ download portion of the process.